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Exploding Kittens creators launching three new games through Asmodee

Updated: Jan 7

Exploding Kittens, hit tabletop games company and the creators of the anarchic, millions-selling self-titled card game and last year’s hit ‘dodgeball card game’, Throw Throw Burrito, have unveiled three hotly anticipated new games to hit the market within the coming days and weeks.

Beginning with the imminent arrival of A Game of Cat and Mouth on 15 December then followed by a pair of games ideally suited for two players – palindrome-powered tug of war Tacocat Spelled Backwards, releasing on 28 February, and innovative word game A Little Wordy, available on 11 April – these exciting titles will be supplied to the UK toy trade through Asmodee.

A Game of Cat and Mouth sees two players or two teams using magnetic catapults to propel balls through a cat’s mouth in the middle of the board – which is the box itself! Besides offering a handle for super-easy portability, the game’s box folds out to become the venue for your fiercely competitive, magnet-powered showdowns, making it both stylish and perfect for travel.

That ability to play any time, anywhere, with a box that is also the board is also available with Tacocat Spelled Backwards, a fun balance of strategy, luck and instinct. Two players engage in card-playing duels to bring Tacocat closer to their side of the board, in a unique and amusing tabletop game that brings all the trademark irreverent humour which has made Exploding Kittens a beloved gaming brand.

Meanwhile, A Little Wordy is a sneaky tile-unscrambling game for aspiring geniuses and would-be word wizards. Offering a fresh take on the genre of tile-based word games by focusing on players’ ability to make clever choices rather than rewarding the player with the biggest vocabulary, it’s a thoughtful and strategic game that challenges players to figure out their opponent’s chosen secret word.

Retailers will be able to get a closer look at all three of these titles at the third edition of AsmoFair, our pioneering virtual trade show running from 17-23 January. Including a 360-degree tour of a fully built show stand and a preview of all of the company’s most exciting products and key ranges for 2021, the fair is open for meeting bookings now at

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